Drawdown Lift

Drawdown Lift deepens collective understanding of the connections between climate change solutions and poverty alleviation, particularly in countries in Africa and South Asia.

Climate change and poverty are inextricably linked. People experiencing extreme poverty are more vulnerable to natural disasters and commonly live in regions that currently are and will continue to be most impacted by climate change, yet have contributed the least to the problem.

Launched in 2021, Drawdown Lift advances evidence for and disseminates knowledge about climate solutions that have multiple benefits for boosting well-being, strengthening resilience, and contributing to poverty alleviation in rural communities in Africa and South Asia. Drawdown Lift works alongside academic researchers, practitioners, and changemakers to identify and advance solutions to catalyze positive, equitable change, pursue low-carbon development pathways, and advance socioeconomic development in emerging economy countries.

Woman gathering crops in a field with solar panel in background


knowledge about climate mitigation solutions that can also substantially boost well-being and contribute to poverty alleviation



with leaders and broad audiences and serve as a knowledge partner to advance funding for and prioritization of synergistic climate solutions 



policymakers and decision-makers to deploy climate solutions that also advance socioeconomic development in climate plans and initiatives

We must prioritize climate solutions that generate substantial benefits for well-being to boost equity and usher in low-carbon development for populations least responsible for the climate crisis.

Kristen P. Patterson, Director (former), Drawdown Lift