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The most important climate solution is YOU.

No one can solve climate change alone. But science has shown that together we have the power to create a climate-stable future. 

Each of us has a unique and important contribution to make. By taking action in five key areas, you can do your part to halt climate change before it’s too late.


Familiarize yourself with climate solutions and how you can help deploy them.

2: DO

Alter your own activities to reduce your personal contribution to climate change.


Communicate the opportunity to make a difference with others.

  • Bring up the subject of climate change with individuals in your various spheres of influence: family, friends, neighbors, fellow faith community members, etc. Do so in a nonthreatening, nonjudgmental way. For example, you might start by mentioning unusual weather you’re having or a disaster in the news, and wondering if it’s related to climate change.
  • Before you broach the topic, think about what the other person cares about. Tailor your conversation to connect climate change to what’s most important to them—their hobbies, their family, their health, their values.
  • Listen to their thoughts. Then let them know the climate actions you’re taking and why. Explain how every person has a unique and important role to play in halting climate change. If they would like to learn more, share the link to this page. 
  • Engage with people from all walks of life, not just those who think as you do. Like identity theft or the global economy, climate change affects everyone, not just environmentalists or those of particular political persuasions. 


Urge change makers to go all in on halting climate change.

  • Think of three people in your sphere of influence who have exceptional impact: lawmakers, CEOs, community leaders, popular artists, social media influencers, journalists, consumer liaisons for brands you buy.
  • Share with each, in language that resonates with them and what they care about, the importance of stopping climate change—and the evidence we have that it’s possible. If appropriate, start with the five basic facts about climate change: 1) it’s real, 2) It’s us, 3) It’s bad, 4) scientists agree, 5) there’s hope.
  • Encourage them to check out the Drawdown Roadmap, which details strategies for strategically deploying solutions at the right time and in the right place, reaping multiple benefits, and overcoming barriers.
  • Point out that climate solutions are not just about climate. They also offer numerous benefits for alleviating poverty, protecting biodiversity, advancing justice, reducing conflict, and more.
  • Suggest one specific way in which the change maker can exert their influence to contribute to halting climate change.


Enhance your impact by spreading the word.

  • Let us know what you’re doing to help stop climate change.
  • If you have additional resources to suggest or strategies to recommend, please pass them along so we can share with others.