Together, we can solve the climate crisis.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. It affects virtually every aspect of life, from what we eat and how we move to where political unrest finds its most volatile flashpoints.

For many, it’s nothing but gloom and doom.

For Project Drawdown, it’s an opportunity.

We’ve identified and are now advancing the application of 93 currently available, economically feasible technologies and practices that together can turn the tide on climate change. Many have positive co-benefits for human health, biodiversity, and more.

Together, we CAN get this done. Won’t you join us?


Check out all 93 drawdown solutions. Learn about their economic and social co-benefits and explore how you can help put them into play at home, at work, and as an engaged citizen. Then share the link with colleagues and friends so they can do the same.


Be informed and inspired! The Drawdown Roadmap—presented in five short video installments—is a science-based strategy for accelerating climate solutions. Project Drawdown’s Climate Solutions 101 video series offers a comprehensive look at how humanity can halt climate change through concerted action. Drawdown’s Neighborhood showcases diverse individuals pursuing climate solutions in their communities.


Drawdown Discover is your one-stop, go-to resource for all things climate solutions. Climate Solutions at Work offers a how-to guide for employees looking to make every job a climate job. Whatever your occupation, you can help your employer go beyond “net zero” to engage in game-changing climate action.


Build awareness of the co-benefits of climate solutions. Read our Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for Synergistic Solutions at the Intersection of Planetary and Human Well-Being report and share it with two (or more!) people who could benefit from the insights it offers. 


How are you helping to solve climate change? What resources can we provide to support you? Share your actions and suggestions.