Drawdown Labs

Drawdown Labs will work to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions — launching in late September, 2020.


Across the world, responsible businesses are acknowledging climate change and their crucial role in addressing it. Many companies are developing long-term climate action plans, outlining ways they will reduce their corporate emissions over time – with some aspiring to reach “net zero” emissions by sometime mid-century.

Although these are important, admirable, and necessary first steps, they are missing an opportunity to lead and do more. Today’s climate plans mainly focus on how companies can do less harm, gradually reducing their emissions and the damages they cause. Most do not consider how businesses can go beyond this and help the broader world transition to a sustainable, climate-safe future.

With too many governments struggling to lead on climate action, this is the moment for businesses to step up, take bold, pioneering positions, and help the rest of the world – not just themselves – address the climate challenge.

Businesses will need to dramatically reduce their own emissions and develop outward-looking climate plans that help other organizations, communities, and governments address climate change. This will enable them to go far beyond being “climate neutral” and “Paris compliant” companies, and achieve much larger impacts in the global effort to stop climate change.

Such efforts include:

  • Working with governments, non-profits, community partners, customers, and employees to help implement much larger climate solutions – doing far more to address climate change than reducing their corporate emissions alone.
  • Developing new tools, technologies, and resources to address climate change, hastening the pace of global action.
  • Pooling resources and investing heavily in climate solutions – to help them scale up and get cheaper – accelerating their deployment across the world.
  • Encouraging bolder climate action among their peers, advancing critical enterprise- and sector-wide climate solutions.
  • Using their positions of leadership and economic clout to advocate for better climate policies and bolder climate action by governments around the world.

Fortunately, a handful of companies are looking to do this, helping to lead a global revolution in climate solutions. As one early example, Intuit’s new “50 by 30 Plan” has committed to phase out their remaining greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2020, and help the broader world reduce emissions by 50x this amount, within ten years. Other companies are making plans to launch similarly ambitious initiatives soon.

To help support efforts like these, Project Drawdown is establishing Drawdown Labs — a new consortium of visionary companies and other partners.

Drawdown Labs will work to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions. Together, our impact will reach far beyond the operational footprints of individual companies and offer the broader world powerful, new ways to address climate change at unprecedented scale.

Drawdown Labs will focus on several key areas:


Working collaboratively, Drawdown Labs will develop new approaches and strategies for businesses to advance climate solutions in the broader world. Drawing upon the expertise of Project Drawdown and the member companies, Drawdown Labs will explore new approaches to address climate change at scale — across sectors, geographies, and levels of agency.


Drawdown Labs will tap the considerable technical expertise of Project Drawdown’s staff, academic collaborators, and advisors to help guide the development and deployment of effective climate solutions. With unique experience ranging across multiple sectors – including electricity, food & agriculture, industry, transportation, buildings, and natural climate solutions– Project Drawdown is the world’s leading “go-to place” for in-depth knowledge about hundreds of potential climate actions. As a non-partisan, non-commercial entity, Project Drawdown is a trusted source, and can be counted on to give unbiased, evidence-based advice.


Drawdown Labs will develop new, collaborative tools needed to analyze, assess, and deploy climate solutions. Project Drawdown already has detailed datasets and models for dozens of different climate solutions worldwide, outlining their greenhouse gas and financial performance, and we will work to adapt them for different settings and stakeholders. We will also develop new tools that enhance collaboration, communication, and engagement around the world to deploy climate solutions.


As the world’s leading resource for climate solutions, Project Drawdown offers custom programs to help engage business leaders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders in this crucial work. Already, Project Drawdown is developing engagement programs and a series of new classes, webinars, and multi-media packages that can be tailored to multiple audiences. As a trusted voice for climate solutions, Project Drawdown adds transparency, legitimacy, and know-how to these conversations.

A Broader Voice

Working together, Drawdown Labs will create a powerful “bully pulpit” for advancing important topics and conversations around climate solutions. The combined voice and leadership of Drawdown Labs members can help encourage governments, communities, and other businesses to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions, and the transition to a climate-safe world.

Drawdown Labs will be staffed by experienced Project Drawdown personnel, working in close consultation with each member, and be financially supported by philanthropic contributions from each business, along with other outside funders. 

To find out more about Drawdown Labs, please contact us