farm field illustrating food-related climate solutions

Drawdown Food

Advancing science-based solutions and sharing insights at the intersection of food, agriculture, land use, and climate change

When we think of the causes of climate change, often the first thing that comes to mind is the use of fossil-fuels for electricity production, transportation, or industry.

At the same time, an equally significant, yet far less recognized, contributor to climate change often gets short shrift: the global food system. A whopping 22–33% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the food, agriculture, and land use sector. 

The systems we use to feed humanity have created a huge problem for Earth’s climate. But they also offer a huge opportunity to help halt climate change. 

By conducting and sharing the results of innovative research, Drawdown Food is helping businesses, impact investors, funders, and others identify and deploy their most effective actions across the spectrum of climate solutions associated with food, agriculture, and land use.

Food sector solutions categories

The food system offers opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere in two main ways. Most of the potential lies in cutting emissions. Additional gains come from removing carbon from the air by restoring ecosystems and enhancing soil health.


Thank you to Alta Futures, Asia Philanthropy Circle, Global Methane Hub, and ZG Foundation for their support of the Drawdown Food initiative.