Programs and Partnerships

Sharing Project Drawdown’s work with broad, public audiences is one of our key aims. Public engagement strengthens our understanding and advancement of climate solutions. Project Drawdown’s public engagement collaborators help promote this two-way process.

Two women working together in front of a laptop. One is pointing to the screen while the other takes notes.

Drawdown Solutions research fellows have expertise in numerous disciplines, and bring a global perspective to the analysis they provide.

Conceptual illustration of teachers using social media to share ideas

The mission of Drawdown Learn is to engage and inspire broad, public audiences of adults and youth and connect them to the science behind climate solutions.

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Drawdown Labs works to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions. Individual companies can offer the world powerful, new ways to address climate change at unprecedented scale.

Drawdown Lift is deepening our understanding of the links between climate change solutions, health, and improving human wellbeing, particularly in emerging economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

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Drawdown Communities guides local collective action to scale adoption of Project Drawdown solutions in a way that values the well-being of all people and nature.

A woman speaking in front of a room of engaged audience members.

Through collaborative partnerships, we aim to support the growing constellation of efforts to move climate solutions forward and move the world toward Drawdown—as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.