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Drawdown Business Coalition

The Drawdown Business Coalition exists to educate and engage businesses to go beyond “net zero” by bringing more skills, resources, and people into the scaling of strategic climate solutions, grounded in science. 

Business Coalition Members

We aggregate the influence of Drawdown Business Coalition members to accelerate the investments, policies, and innovations needed for transformative private sector climate action. By striving for a higher standard, coalition members help show the world a more expansive vision for corporate climate leadership


Allbirds is a sustainable footwear and apparel company focused on using natural materials to transform both their products and the ecosystems from which these materials are sourced. Allbirds brings to Drawdown Labs the understanding that what we measure, we can reduce, using the power of life cycle analysis to understand how its business can drive emissions reductions.

Askov Finlayson

Askov Finlayson is a climate-positive winter outerwear company on a mission to Keep The North Cold. Askov Finlayson goes beyond net zero to embrace true climate accountability throughout their business using the social cost of carbon, then donates 110% of their footprint annually to support solutions to the climate crisis—helping to protect the very thing their products are designed to celebrate.

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner's is committed to honoring the vision of founder Emanuel Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality and dedicating profits to making a better world. Dr. Bronner’s commitment to Fair Trade, regenerative organic agriculture, climate justice, progressive business practices, and a just economy is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the “All-One” philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels.


Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods, dedicated to keeping commerce human. Its environmental impact work aims to build long-term resilience by progressing towards its Net Zero promise, running sustainable operations, and addressing the impact of its marketplaces while establishing them as destinations for conscious consumers.

General Mills

General Mills, a global manufacturer of branded consumer foods, has the reach to create large-scale impact in the food and agriculture industry beyond its own operational footprint. As a Drawdown Labs partner, General Mills brings with it its holistic focus on regenerative agriculture that strengthens both ecosystems and communities.


Google has the scale, reach, and resources to go big on sustainability. They don’t stop at making their own business and operations carbon-free—they’re also focused on greening the electrical grid and sharing their technology and funding with others. Google is enabling its one billion users to act on climate change by integrating new sustainability features directly into their products.   


IDEO is a global design company and an early partner in crafting the Drawdown Labs structure. With an emphasis on forward-thinking and human-centered program design, IDEO brings a foundation of innovation and creativity to Project Drawdown's work with the private sector.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is driving the transition away from beef, making plant-based meats to end the greenhouse gas emissions and land degradation associated with industrial meat production. Impossible Foods embodies the Drawdown Solution of shifting to plant-rich diets, helping consumers make a simple switch to more sustainable food options.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network focused on creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. This means providing its members with the tools, resources, and community needed for this transition by spotlighting green economic trends, connecting green job seekers and employers, providing sustainability skills training, and partnering with environmental innovators.


OLIPOP is revolutionizing the soda industry with health-conscious beverages. With an active customer base keen on wellness, as well as a growing influence on supply chain partners, OLIPOP is uniquely positioned to nudge its community toward climate action. As a Drawdown Labs partner, OLIPOP is aiming to catalyze both individual and collective change for a healthier planet.


Pinterest is a daily visual inspiration platform people around the world use to shop products personalized to their taste, find ideas to do offline, and discover inspiring content. With 450 million global monthly active users, an engaged employee base, and its climate misinformation policy, Pinterest is committed to inspiring action—across its platform, within its operations, and throughout its communities—to build a healthier planet.

Residential Dining Enterprises

R&DE Stanford Dining is a leading university partner on many aspects of complex global food systems—from equitable supply chains, climate-smart dining, and regenerative agriculture, to reducing food waste and shifting diets towards plant-forward options. Stanford Dining demonstrates that sustainable, ethical, and healthy food systems can be deployed at scale, while simultaneously inspiring the next generation to improve how Earth’s precious resources are managed.


As a global food services and hospitality provider, Sodexo knows its reach comes with a responsibility to positively impact the environmental, social, and economic systems in which it operates. Sodexo takes a partnership-driven approach while serving millions of people daily by decarbonizing its operations, developing equitable supply chains, shifting to low-carbon meals, and reducing food waste.


Tradewater is a mission-driven B-Corp and a global leader in projects that permanently prevent the release of potent non-CO2 gases from entering our atmosphere. This work plays a central role in pulling the emergency brake on catastrophic climate change and buys time for longer-term decarbonization strategies to take effect.

Trane Technologies

Trane Technologies is an industrial manufacturer creating efficient indoor environments and climate-controlled transportation solutions. Trane’s goal is to reduce their customers’ carbon footprint by one gigaton of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) by 2030, applying climate solutions in the industry, buildings, and electricity sectors beyond their own operations.


Wana, a leading cannabis edibles company, is dedicated to preserving a livable climate as part of their vision to serve the world and enhance people's lives. Wana is embedding climate action at the early stages of their sustainability journey, making operational changes to reduce their environmental impact, and taking a leadership position on climate-safe business practices to drive change within the nascent cannabis industry.

Implementation Partners

Implementation partners are non-profit and other climate solutions-focused collaborators that help Drawdown Labs execute and enhance our activities with Drawdown Business Coalition members. Designation as an implementation partner does not constitute endorsement of, or formal partnership with, Drawdown Business Coalition members.

Carbon Collective

Carbon Collective Investing is the first online investment advisor 100% focused on solving climate change. They create sustainable investment portfolios for individuals and employer 401(k) plans that divest from fossil fuels, reinvest in companies building climate solutions, and pressure the rest to decarbonize.

Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) works with changemakers worldwide who are turning the ideas of Doughnut Economics into transformative action for systemic change. DEAL is focused on turning ideas into action, and on learning with and from others through experiments in co-creating a new economy.

Evergreen Action

Evergreen Action is working to put bold climate action at the top of America's agenda, leveraging the power of business and beyond to advance policies that will scale clean energy and climate technologies at the pace necessary during this critical moment in history.

Rewiring America

Rewiring America is a nonprofit organization focused on electrifying communities. They work to ensure electrification is a key component of business emissions reduction and advocacy strategies.

Seneca Environmental

Seneca Environmental is a global renewable energy project management and delivery company working to accelerate the transition to renewable energy at speed and scale. A tribally owned company, Seneca Environmental provides income to support the Seneca Nation, a tribe with a deep legacy and vision for the future.

Topo Finance

Topo Finance is a nonprofit consisting of innovators and visionaries committed to enabling all businesses, organizations, and individuals to leverage their finances as a force for creating a more regenerative, equitable world. 


Members benefit from the deep scientific expertise of Project Drawdown as well as the diverse and extensive experience of our implementation partners. See below for membership criteria and benefits.

Please contact us at to inquire about Business Coalition membership.

Member Criteria

Drawdown Business Coalition members meet science, goal-setting, and advocacy benchmarks needed to meet the climate crisis at scale. Coalition members:

  • have science-based, independently verified scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets aligned with 1.5°C;
  • are committed to acting within and outside business operations to accelerate decarbonization of the global economy;
  • want to go beyond being “Paris compliant” to proactively help the world achieve drawdown, quickly, safely, and equitably by aligning their business with the Drawdown-Aligned Business Framework;
  • don’t lobby against climate action, climate policy, or climate science;
  • make an annual contribution to Project Drawdown.

Member Benefits

Drawdown Business Coalition members have access to the world-renowned work and expertise of Project Drawdown:

  • Drawdown Briefings
    Private series of online, in-depth webinars presented by Project Drawdown scientists and experts.
  • Drawdown Deep Dives
    Invite-only, multi-week workshops that convene key business, investor, and philanthropic stakeholders to understand the unique and powerful levers at their disposal to scale climate solutions.
  • Expert Engagement & Education Opportunities
    Access to Project Drawdown’s team of scientists, sustainability experts, and communicators for periodic speaking engagements, conferences, board presentations, and debriefs.
  • And more!

Businesses can – and must – do better for the planet and our collective future. Together, we can redefine what corporate climate leadership looks like, and guide business action with the best possible science.

Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown

The Drawdown-Aligned Business Framework

This framework highlights key leverage points and climate actions that all businesses must tap to help the world achieve drawdown quickly, safely, and equitably. To be drawdown-aligned, companies must apply their social, political, financial, and employee power to scaling climate solutions we have in-hand today. See the full framework graphic.


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