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Harnessing the power of business for climate solutions

by Drawdown Stories

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How can businesses and entrepreneurs reshape their strategies and goals to create a better, more sustainable future?

Recently, Project Drawdown director of storytelling and engagement Matt Scott led a discussion on the role of businesses in driving climate solutions as part of a Drawdown Ecochallenge webinar series. Joining the discussion were Drawdown’s Neighborhood climate heroes Tonya Hicks from Power Solutions and Bob Blake of Solar Bear, as well as Kevin Houldworth of Pinterest, Aiyana Bodi of Drawdown Labs, and Kristin Bloser of Comerica, Inc.

The webinar, "Business Unusual: Corporate Contributions to Solutions," dove deep into the significant opportunities and responsibilities businesses have in the current climate landscape, and laid our pathways for how companies of all sizes and their employees can lead and contribute to climate solutions.

Top Takeaways:

  • Businesses can lead the change. Our economic system has played a large part in the climate crisis. But it can also be an instrument for addressing it. Entrepreneurs and businesses have a significant role to play. Beyond just profit, businesses wield immense cultural, economic, and social influence, making them indispensable in driving sustainable initiatives and fulfilling broader obligations toward climate action.
  • Educate and advocate from within. It's crucial to broaden employee understanding of sustainability beyond the basics. Moving employees from education to advocacy can be transformative within the workplace and in the wider world. 
  • Leverage available resources. Organizations and individuals should tap into available resources – including those from Rewiring America, Drawdown Labs, and local climate-related governmental departments – that offer insights into and/or financial incentives for sustainable practices. 
  • Employee advocacy is key. The passion and dedication of employees can be a transformative force in a business's journey toward climate solutions. By actively promoting employee advocacy and creating avenues for their voices to be heard, businesses and business leaders can ensure a holistic and inclusive approach to climate solutions. 

For those who missed the session or want to revisit the insights shared, you can watch the recording here. While there, be sure to subscribe to the Project Drawdown YouTube channel. Share the key takeaways with your friends, family, and colleagues, and inspire them to be part of the change.

Three Things You Can Do NOW:

  1. Share the webinar recording with others and broaden the conversation on how businesses can lead on climate solutions.
  2. Dive into Project Drawdown’s Job Function Action Guides to understand how various corporate roles can contribute to climate action.
  3. If you work for a business, connect with like-minded peers within your organization. Remember, there's strength in numbers and collective agency can make a significant impact. Familiarize yourself with your company's sustainability goals, and actively work towards holding them accountable.

To reach out to our panelists, connect with them, and/or get involved in their work, use the information below. 

Access additional resources mentioned during the webinar: Rewiring America and Climate Voice's Employee Advocacy Guide.

Thank you for your continued engagement. Together, we can forge a sustainable path for generations to come.

This post is part of a conversation series hosted alongside the Drawdown Ecochallenge, a collaboration between Project Drawdown and Drawdown Ecochallenge. To learn more and register for Drawdown Ecochallenge, visit

Press Contacts

If you are a journalist and would like to republish Project Drawdown content, please contact