Climate Solutions at Work

Climate Solutions at Work, presented by Drawdown Labs, is a how-to guide for employees looking to make every job a climate job.

The all-encompassing climate crisis demands an equally expansive system of solutions, calling on everyone, everywhere to find their inroad—especially in the workplace.

Employees are the backbone of a company’s ability to function, innovate, and survive through uncertain times. Even for the most passionate climate advocates, it can be hard to know how to accelerate action in the workplace and where to begin. This easy-to-browse guide explores creative ways to bring the world’s best private-sector climate solutions to life.

Climate Solutions at Work is a new north star for employees looking to help shift companies beyond net zero.

About the Guide

This easy-to-flip-through guide—published by Drawdown Labs—will help the climate-concerned employee assess whether or not their company is taking adequate steps to address the climate crisis, and how they can utilize their power to push their company well beyond ‘net zero’. It can also be used by the general public to be more sophisticated judges of the corporate climate announcements we often hear about.

Throughout, the guide mentions specific job functions (e.g., marketing, human resources, government affairs, etc.) that have enormous untapped potential to drive climate action. As employees read the guide, we also encourage them to also think about the specific solutions they can integrate into their climate work.

This employee-focused guide has two main objectives:

  1. Democratize climate action so that all employees can contribute. You don’t need to have “sustainability” or “climate” in your job title to take powerful climate action. Every job can be a climate job. This guide helps all employees across all sectors find their inroad.
  2. Elevate business climate leadership by looking beyond “net zero.” A new drawdown-aligned business framework can help companies leverage their social, political, financial, and employee power in pursuit of a stable climate and just future for all.

The Framework

The Drawdown-Aligned Business Framework framework highlights key leverage points and specific climate actions that all businesses must tap to help the world achieve drawdown quickly, safely and equitably. To be drawdown-aligned, companies must leverage their social, political, financial, and employee power to scale the climate solutions we have in-hand today. Employees across a business have an important role to play in bringing about this paradigm shift.

Explore how to help build a “drawdown-aligned” business—one that leverages all of its social, political, financial, and employee power to secure a stable climate and just future for all.


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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calls for "fundamental societal and systems transitions and transformations," an order the private sector—with its vast monetary and human resources—must address in sweeping fashion. Everyone, everywhere can and must participate in the greatest challenge—and opportunity—in human and planetary history.

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