News  |  April 20, 2023

New “Drawdown Roadmap” charts the path to a climate-stable future

We know the “why” and the “what” of working to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. But the “when,” “where” and “how” have been largely a matter of guesswork—until now.

With the launch today of the Drawdown Roadmap, Project Drawdown—the world’s leading source of climate solutions—is outlining a specific, actionable strategy for implementing solutions on a global scale in time to avoid the worst adverse effects of climate change.

“We live in the most incredible moment in human history,” said Project Drawdown executive director Jonathan Foley in announcing the release. “We now have both the means and opportunity to accelerate climate solutions. Let’s do it.”

A series of five short videos introduces the Drawdown Roadmap concept and shows how businesses, philanthropists, policymakers, community leaders and others can use it to make the most of their climate solutions work. Other resources, including specific roadmaps for various user groups and sectors, will follow in the months ahead.

In a nutshell, the Drawdown Roadmap applies the science behind climate change to identify the best way to allocate resources to make the most of efforts to reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It can be used to identify the time and place to best deploy specific solutions and be customized to specific sets of financial and social goals. Among other things, you'll learn:

  • why “time is more important than tech” when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • the “emergency brake” solutions we need to apply now to avert a climate crisis
  • the “waves of climate action” that can halt climate change by 2050
  • the key role business can play in turning the tide on climate change.

“We cannot afford to waste one moment, or one dollar, in the quest to stop climate change,” said Drawdown Labs director Jamie Alexander, who is leading the application of the roadmap to business and finance. “This remarkable tool will help you, whoever you are and whatever you do, make the most of your unique opportunity to help build a more verdant, equitable, and sustainable world.”

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