Giraffe on the grasslands of Masai Mara, Kenya
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Giraffe on the grasslands of Masai Mara, Kenya.

Grassland Protection

Reduce SourcesFood, Agriculture, and Land UseProtect Ecosystems
Support SinksLand Sinks
CO2 Equivalent
Reduced / Sequestered
Grasslands hold large stocks of carbon, largely underground. Protecting them shields their carbon stores and avoids emissions from conversion to agricultural land or development.

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Protection of non-degraded 369.3-403.2million hectares of intact grasslands from 159 million hectares could avoid carbon dioxide emissions totaling 3.4-4.3gigatons by 2050, securing an estimated protected stock of 34-37 gigatons of carbon, roughly equivalent to over 124-136 gigatons of carbon dioxide if released into the atmosphere. Financials are not projected, as they are not incurred at the landholder level.