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Clean Cooking: An “emergency brake” climate solution

Clean Cooking: An “emergency brake” climate solution with unparalleled co-benefits – a policy brief produced by Project Drawdown in collaboration with the Clean Cooking Alliance – makes the case that clean cooking solutions should be a top priority for policymakers and funders due to the immense benefits for the climate and human well-being. 

At COP27, the United Nations (UN) Climate Change High-Level Champions and the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA ) identified clean cooking – cooking methods that reduce the use of polluting fuels – as a critical “breakthrough” to halve emissions by 2030. To date, progress on clean cooking has been unacceptably slow. While the global population lacking access to clean cooking fell from 2.9 billion in 2010 to 2.3 billion in 2021, the UN Sustainable Development Goal of universal access by 2030 remains elusive. If current trends continue, some 1.9 billion people could still be without access to clean cooking by the end of this decade. Without dramatically scaling efforts today, polluting cooking stoves and fuels will continue to claim millions of lives each year while perpetuating gender inequity, forest degradation, and exacerbating climate damage. 

Explore this policy brief to learn more about how clean cooking solutions can be better funded and deployed to meet development and climate goals, as well as how such solutions lead to improved human and environmental well-being.

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