Drawdown Research

Our work seeks to determine whether stopping climate change, and reaching Drawdown, is possible using existing, well-proven solutions.

At our core, Project Drawdown is a research organization.

To do this work, a highly qualified team of international Drawdown research fellows constantly review and analyze the latest climate solutions – drawing upon years of advanced study, experience, and a wide range of backgrounds. Drawdown research fellows have expertise in numerous disciplines, and together consider climate solutions across many sectors – including electricity, food & agriculture, industry, transportation, buildings, energy production, land use, and ocean science.

Project Drawdown also works with an international network of research partners – including universities, government labs, and non-profit research institutes around the world – to assemble, develop, evaluate, and disseminate research on climate solutions. 

Our researchers and partners continuously review and evaluate the potential performance of diverse climate solutions – technologies and practices that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or enhance carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. 

For each solution, we review extensive literature and datasets describing its potential scale, impact, and cost. We then build conduct a “meta-analysis” of data describing each solution and build analytical models to estimate how much greenhouse gas a given solution could avoid or remove over time, as well as the cost of implementing and operating it.  The individual “bottom-up” solutions are then evaluated within and across multiple sectors, to consider how solutions work together, stopping climate change and moving the world toward Drawdown.

Project Drawdown currently has the following openings for research fellowships: