Drawdown Labs

Project Drawdown’s private sector testing ground — engaging businesses, impact investors, and philanthropists — for accelerating the adoption of climate solutions quickly, safely, and equitably.

We convene and engage private sector actors with the resources to scale climate solutions to bring more capital, leverage, and people into the climate movement to create a wave of ambitious climate action grounded in science.

Drawdown Business Coalition

The Drawdown Business Coalition is setting a new standard of corporate climate leadership for corporate decision-makers and employees.

We’re raising the bar by using science-based strategies and other leverage points to help businesses scale solutions. 

The Drawdown Business Coalition exists to educate and engage businesses to go beyond “net zero” by bringing more skills, resources, and people into the scaling of strategic climate solutions, grounded in science. 

Drawdown Capital Coalition

The Drawdown Capital Coalition is shifting private capital toward strategic, science-based climate solutions for impact investors, philanthropists, and their advisors.

We’re helping funders understand the key technologies and strategies for reducing and avoiding emissions, empowering funders to make decisions aligned with the most urgent and impactful climate solutions. 

The Drawdown Capital Coalition supports a broad community of philanthropists and investors to develop portfolios that effectively allocate billions of dollars to key climate solutions.

Through the Drawdown Business and Capital Coalitions, both businesses and funders gain access to expert briefings on emerging scientific and technical topics, deep dive sessions on accelerating climate solutions, and a broad network of experts and engagement opportunities to drive science-based action toward the most effective climate solutions and associated co-benefits for nature, human health, well-being, and equity.

Given the vanishing window of time we have to address climate change, we can’t afford to waste a dollar or a day on solutions, actions, or investments that aren’t maximally effective. We must leverage every ounce of the private sector’s resources, clout, and influence to bring forth a more sustainable and just future.

The Drawdown Labs Job Function Action Guides will help employees understand how their roles are critical in addressing the climate crisis, as well as implement high-impact solutions and navigate key considerations for taking action inside the workplace.

Are you an employee, corporate decision-maker, impact investor, philanthropist, or advisor looking to advance climate action or learn more about partnerships? We want to hear from you! Fill out the form below or contact us at labs@drawdown.org.

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