Aiyana Bodi: Turn your job into a force for climate action

Employees are critical catalysts for change. Each team and each individual has the skills and knowledge that keep businesses running – and that have the potential to create impactful climate action. 

In this presentation, Aiyana Bodi, employee engagement lead at Project Drawdown, explores how every employee in every job function has a role to play. She shows not only why the workplace is the perfect place for climate solutions, but also how to utilize your position as an employee to create change and will help you get started on connecting your job to climate action. 

You’ll also learn: 1) how companies can create a culture that empowers and encourages employees to take action on climate, 2) why you don’t need to be an expert in climate science or policy to play a role, and 3) how the nature of work is changing and what this means for climate action in the workplace. 

Top Takeaways:

  • Today’s workplaces offer more opportunities than ever to incorporate climate action into everyday jobs.
  • Businesses have a big impact on the climate and a big obligation to address climate change. They also have substantial capacity to make a difference and multiple reasons to do so, including boosting employee loyalty, engagement, and innovation.
  • Systemic action is important, but so is individual action. Just as a fern frond is made up of many leaflets, systemic action ultimately is the product of individual actions combining to catalyze larger change.
  • You don’t need to take a different job to take climate action. There’s value in staying where you are and creating change there.
  • The Drawdown-Aligned Business Framework offers valuable insights into the spectrum of ways companies can elevate climate action, from advocating for policy change to aligning retirement plans with climate-friendly investments.
  • Employees in every job function can contribute to one or more of these. Project Drawdown’s Job Function Action Guides offer specific advice for 10 job function categories.
  • To get started, first identify what your company is already doing to help halt climate change. Brainstorm impactful actions within your sphere of influence. Identify individuals who can support and amplify your efforts. Then commit to one action and take it. And finally, don’t do it alone – find other climate-passionate colleagues and combine your efforts for maximum impact.

“You have more power and agency than you think you have. … Sometimes all you have to do is ask the right question.” 

Aiyana Bodi

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