Cameron Roberts

Cameron Roberts, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Cameron Roberts is an interdisciplinary social scientist who specializes in studying low-carbon technologies in their full social context. Coming from a background in the history of technology, he is particularly skilled at using insights from the past to inform our understanding of how low-carbon innovations might have a greater impact in the future. His work for Project Drawdown focuses mainly on low-carbon transportation solutions.

Cameron earned his PhD in 2015 from the University of Manchester in the field of socio-technical transitions theory, which tries to understand how new technologies replace old ones, in spite of the complex social, political, and economic forces that resist technological change. Since then, he has studied low-carbon solutions in the fields of transportation, electricity generation, space heating, agriculture, and heavy industry and developed a methodology to use historical insights to inform assessments of the future potential of geoengineering technologies.

Cameron enjoys taking long, multi-day hiking, biking, or canoe trips.  He also dabbles in creative writing. His reading list includes Kim Stanley Robinson, James S.A. Corey, and David Graeber.