Request for Proposal: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Consultant


Project Drawdown seeks to engage an experienced diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) consultant to guide our organization to better understand and define the principles of DEIJ and identify opportunities to implement best practices across the organization, both internally and through our programs.

As a global leader in advancing climate solutions, we have a collective awareness of the injustices connected to the climate crisis, both as a driver of climate change and as a result of climate change. Colonization, racism, white supremacy, and inequitable power structures have been the main drivers of the climate crisis, and we have a responsibility to dismantle such structures while forwarding climate solutions. Additionally, climate change will continue to amplify inequities around the world—from extreme weather events, to environmental pollution, to access to food, water, and other vital resources—especially in communities who are most impacted by climate change but often the least responsible for it. Even though those working on climate and environmental issues represent all genders, races, sexual orientations, and cultures, the narrative around climate action has often been forwarded through a white, male-dominant lens from the Global North and authentic inclusion of diverse communities is often lacking. It is through this awareness and understanding that Project Drawdown has developed programs that seek to begin to address such inequities; Drawdown Lift and Drawdown Stories. However, we have a responsibility to do more.

With a growing staff and budget, and even more people looking to Project Drawdown for direction on climate action, we want to embed DEIJ into the foundation of our work—from our internal structures and processes to our outward-facing programs. We aim to integrate DEIJ into all aspects of our organization and not purely as actions layered upon our pre-existing and future activities. We hope to use our learnings to influence the nonprofit field toward embracing DEIJ.

We are eager to work with a consultant to help shape and guide the organization’s DEIJ journey, and are committed to taking individual and organizational action.

Project Goals and Desired Deliverables

Recently, our organization developed an internal DEIJ committee of staff representing all programmatic areas of our work. The DEIJ committee will employ a consultant with the end goal of creating a comprehensive, organization-wide DEIJ strategy that includes a clear plan for action. 

While we are open to discussing the specific elements this plan might include, we have identified the following deliverables:

  • Complete an organizational audit of programmatic activities, internal/external communications, recruitment, and organizational operations.
  • Work with staff to develop consistent language and understanding of the definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice
  • Identify immediate opportunities to adjust internal processes and practices, in addition to long-term and ongoing actions.
  • Develop and lead individual and organizational educational opportunities for staff and organizational leadership.
  • Work with our entire organization to develop a comprehensive DEIJ strategy that includes a detailed plan of action for implementation within each of our programs and departments.
  • Advise Project Drawdown in our efforts to become a non-profit leader in embedding DEIJ in every aspect of our work.

We welcome suggestions from prospective consultants regarding additional deliverables for our DEIJ collaboration.

Proposed Timeline

As a fully remote organization, Project Drawdown employs 17 staff members in all time zones across the U.S. (with one team member residing in London). While this work will primarily happen remotely, we are holding an all staff in-person retreat the week of August 29th. It would be preferable to engage a consultant by then to join our retreat, but we understand that might not be possible. 

  • June 27: RFP Posted
  • July 24: Proposals Received
  • Week of July 25: First Review by DEIJ Committee
  • Week of Aug 1: Interviews with DEIJ Committee
  • Week of Aug 9: Final Interviews with Executive Director, Jon Foley and organizational leadership.
  • Ideal start date: August 22nd*

*If you cannot accommodate an August start date, we still encourage you to apply.

Proposal Submission Requirements

In your proposal, please include the following:

  • Organizational/Personal Description: Overview of your firm or consultancy, experience, and expertise.
  • Approach: Speak to how you would approach the proposed goals and deliverables above. 
  • Proposed Timeline: Estimate the length of time for this project/engagement. Please include your availability to attend an in-person retreat in August.
  • Budget: Please provide as much detail as possible, including potential travel to an in person staff retreat (likely to be held in Washington, D.C.)
  • Staffing Plan: Who will be working directly with our team?
  • Answer the following questions:
    • How will you balance the organizational audit with implementation of activities?
    • How do you approach working with individuals who have different levels of experience with DEIJ?
    • How would you guide us through individual and organizational education as well as development and implementation of an organization-wide action plan? 
  • Experience: Share case studies of past work with other organizations—specifically in the nonprofit and/or climate/environment space, if possible.
  • References: Provide 2-3 references from past clients. Include client name, contact person, phone number, e-mail address, and date of consultancy.

Proposal Delivery Instructions

Submit proposals via email to no later than July 24th. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact us at