Project Drawdown Dialogues

Project Drawdown Dialogues—a brand-new series hosted by Matt Scott—brings climate solutions to vibrant life. Dive into the best solutions we have in-hand today through conversations with people focused on a safer climate future.

Join youth and climate-focused professionals as they share their stories and perspectives—inspiring others who want to follow in their footsteps or carve their own path. Each dialogue features a themed discussion and a diversity of voices working to reach drawdown as quickly, as safely, and as equitably as possible.

Celebrate World Food Day

This month, tune into a special food-focused Project Drawdown Dialogues featuring climate solutionists interested in improving the ways we produce, consume, and use (or waste) food.

The food we waste (about a third of all food produced!) is responsible for roughly eight percent of global emissions. In addition, meat-centric diets contribute to about one-fifth of global emissions. How can we reduce the pressures on ecosystems and land, while meeting the growing demands for food and fiber worldwide? How can we change our land practices, tending to it in ways that decrease ag and forestry emissions?

Matt Scott, lead of storytelling at Project Drawdown, hosts this edition of Dialogues, featuring five people excited to go deep on food and more.

  • Leah Lizarondo of 412 Food Rescue and Food Rescue Hero: What is the problem with food waste, and how are individuals and organizations plugging into the solution?
  • Alexandra Garcia of World Central Kitchen: How can improved clean cookstoves also support health, equity, jobs, and improved livelihoods?
  • Tony Lee of Pinterest's PinCuisine: How can someone who was unaware of climate solutions turn their job into a climate job?
  • Caesaré Assad of Food System 6: What is the importance of equity as entrepreneurs and communities shift to solutions?
  • Regina Anderson of Food Recovery Network: What role can up-and-coming climate leaders—whether students, organizations, or YOU—play to be part of the shift toward climate solutions?

Watch the Dialogue on YouTube or on Project Drawdown social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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